01/16/2019:  Groomers went up this afternoon to get the trails ready for this weekend.  Everything is groomed for both skating and classic skiing.  Including East of Sleeping Giant.  This weekend's skiing should be magical and outstanding.

01/14/2020:  Yesterday we received 16-18" of new snow.  We have rolled and packed everything.  Except some soft conditions in spots.  It was still snowing steadily when the groomers left.

01/09/2020: We received 3" of much needed new snow.  All Trails East of Sleeping Giant have been packed and tracked for both skate and classic skiing with the Prinoth.  Skiing should be outstanding and magical.

12/27/2019: Oh boy! Have you done a snow dance lately. No new snow but temperatures have been staying cool.  Skate lanes have been refreshed. Please ski with caution.  We recommend skiing up the road and into the Yellowstone park.  They have groomed an additional 4 miles into the park.

12/20/2019: We are trying to preserve as much of the snow we have as possible but with no new snow, we just refreshed the skate lanes.  All trails are tracked.  Ski with caution still dirty thin spots.

12/14/2019: First official grooming report.  All trails West of Three Mile Hill are packed, combed, and track.

10/10/2019. First 6 inches of snow.  Though it stayed on the ground but briefly.  May it be a good sign to for the upcoming season.

03/09/2019:  We received another 2-6 inches of snow overnight.  All trails are packed,combed, and tracked and into the Park.  Skiing should be excellent wherever you choose to go.

03/06/2019: We are at it again.  The groomers rolled and packed all trails.  No tracks set as of yet due to heavy snowfall as they were finishing up.

03/01/2019: What a trying week this has been.  March looks to be roaring in like a Lion.  Yesterday it was 38 degrees and raining. So despite the 6 additional inches of Heavy and Wet snow that fell over night. The conditions did not warrant us the ability to groom.  PLEASE Advise: AVALANCHE WARNING is in effect for the Pahaska and North Fork Drainage. 

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