03/09/2019:  We received another 2-6 inches of snow overnight.  All trails are packed,combed, and tracked and into the Park.  Skiing should be excellent wherever you choose to go.

03/06/2019: We are at it again.  The groomers rolled and packed all trails.  No tracks set as of yet due to heavy snowfall as they were finishing up.

03/01/2019: What a trying week this has been.  March looks to be roaring in like a Lion.  Yesterday it was 38 degrees and raining. So despite the 6 additional inches of Heavy and Wet snow that fell over night. The conditions did not warrant us the ability to groom.  PLEASE Advise: AVALANCHE WARNING is in effect for the Pahaska and North Fork Drainage. 

02/27/2019: Day 2 of packing the snow.  Again no tracks and conditions will be soft.

02/26/2019: About 24 inches of snow has fallen since Sunday.  Today was 38 degrees and almost too warm to pack.  Started the pack process.  No tracks and conditions are soft.

02/22/2019: Well the Snow Moon was good to us...we were able to put down some superber classic and skate lanes on all the trails.  So, skiing should be outstanding today and tomorrow. 

02/16/2019:  All trails on Pahaska side (Moose Flat, Barn Rd/Crow Creek, Race Park, up to the East Entrance, Middle Fork) are tracked and packed.  Trails on the other side of the river (Becker Trail, Haul Rd-West of Three mile hill, Penny's Passage) are Tracked and packed but soft conditions.  The small roller has gone over the Outlaw Trail.  

02/15/2019: So much snow!  The groomers have been out packing out about 12 inches of snow that has come down in the past 24hrs.  Expect soft conditions and no tracks at this point.

02/08/2019: Groomers have been on a roll this weekend.  With over 8" of fresh snow put down this week.  We are grateful they went up and started rolling on Wednesday in the frigid weather.  They finished yesterday evening by laying down some beautiful classic lanes and skate lanes.  They did notice a breeze kicking up on the road as they finished. What do the groomers say: "Skiing should be excellent.  These cold temperatures classic/touring should be outstanding tomorrow. You cannot go wrong with what direction you choose."


02/02/2019: The weather got a little warm yesterday but the groomers went out last night and refreshed the skates lanes and firm tracks. Looking for suggestions?  Groomers say Outlaw, Haul road, East of Sleeping Giant & the road up to the park turned out really good.  They even groomed into the Park!

01/31/2019:  New tracks and skate lane on Middle fork, East for Sleeping Giant.  There is plenty of snow just waiting to be skied on this weekend.

01/25/2019: We have received 15 inches of new snow since Wednesday.  Today it was snowing off and on.  All trails were groomed fro both classic/touring and skate.

01/21/2019: The groomers went up packed and tracked everything.  According to them-if you can sneak away from work tomorrow, call in with a snow flu the skiing tomorrow should be excellent. (Provided we do not get a lot of snow overnight).  Do not worry, we will go up and freshen things up for the weekend.

01/19/2019: We received a little bit of fresh snow yesterday. The groomers changed things up on the trails by putting the trails on the opposite side of the trails.  Example: The classic lane on Middle Fork was along the River side.  This week  it is the Snowshoe lane. We encourage you to use the sign-in sheets to tell us what you think of the change up.


All trails are packed and tracked.  The skiing should be awesome.

1/11/2018: It has been a tough week for our volunteer groomers...Machines breaking down on Tuesday.  Spending 10 hours on Friday to fix them to groom.  But they were able to find Winter and get things refreshed. 


All trails are packed, skating lane freshened. Classic lanes were put down on everything except Outlaw.  

01/04/2019: Good morning and Happy New Year! This weekend is looking like some outstanding cross country skiing and snowshoeing-so Don't look away from temptation.  Go and whittle out some time for you, your family and friends given into the temptation of those groomed trails.


Groomers report that all trails are tracked and skater packed. Including the 1 mile loop below Sleeping Giant.  We have being seeing a lot of hiker/foot traffic on the trails which damages the packed trails (post holes) can effect everyone enjoyment of the trails.

12/27/2018: A lot of people were up there today and it was good to see.  Trails are ready to go for this weekend.  All trails West of Three Mile Hill (the big hill halfway to Sleeping Giant are tracked and packed.  Should be some GREAT skiing ans snowshoeing.

12/21/2018:  The trails have been re-groomed with the main focus being the race courses. All trails are open to all skiers and snowshoers.  However, if you are looking for some ideas on how to get out of the Hustle and bustle of the race course And enjoy a scenic Winter Wonderland, we suggestion anything down to Sleeping Giant and East.  Or consider going straight up the hwy and into the park.

12/20/2018:  Merry Christmas!  Cody High School and Middle School races are starting tomorrow and ending on Saturday.  Friday's races start at 1:00pm.  Saturday's races start at 10:00am. With Friday's race being a skate race some of the trails will not have tracks set.  The following trails have tracks set for touring/classic:  Becker, Outlaw, Haul roads and a 1 miles loop East of Sleeping Giant.

12/15/2018: We received 3 inches of fresh snow this week.  All Trails are packed and tracked, including down to Sleeping Giant and about 1 mile loop past Sleeping Giant.


12/05/208: The following trails are tracked and packed for both skating and classic:

Moose flats, Crow Creeks, Barn Road, Race Park, up to the Park Entrance, and Middle Fork.  With it looking like no new snow in the future, should be excellent skiing.


Outlaw, Becker Trail, Haul Rd to Sleeping Giant and down to Canfield is packed.  However, soft and punch conditions.

11/26/2018: We received 30 inches of new wet snow over the Thankss giving weekend.  All trails are currently packed and skating surface. We hope to go up later in the week to refresh and place classic tracks. As a reminder; Dogs, hiking and bike are welcome to explore the main hwy up to and into the East Gate Entrance of the Park.

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